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Vilaya 2019- Spring Dance Festival Presented by Nandinik Dance Troupe , PA

  • Date: 04/06/2019 18:30 - 04/06/2019 20:30
  • Location: Andrew Carnegie Free Library and Music Hall Carnegie, PA. (Map)

Price: C$20


Yatra is a journey, where two classical Indian dancers discover and assimilate the
nuances of their respective dance forms. Tanveer Alam is trained in Kathak, a style
renowned for its complex footwork, dynamic pirouettes, and expressions. Harikishan S. Nair
is trained in Kuchipudi, a style distinguished by its its intricate hand gestures, sculptural
poses, and theatricality.
Danced in unison, Yatra takes its audience on
a voyage through the energy that exists within us all. Their exploration starts with energy,
which begins at its core from within us. Then it travels into the space around us, to finally
reach towards the infinite. From the individual, we examine human connections and their
integral nature in our lives. Like rays of light intersecting, we draw on the solace of
friendship, the unconditional bond between a parent and child, the warmth of romance, and
the joy it all offers.
By molding the commonalities and differences, the varying textures of these styles will be brought forward by the dancers.
Yatra is a journey in which the audience will have the rare chance to visualise these two dance forms Kathak and Kuchipudi in unison.